here is a photo of me in front of the ocean. try not to be intimidated by the messy bun and the sunglasses i bought three years ago.  

Welcome to Corrin Rae Writes.  You’re smart, so you’ve probably already got this figured out, but in this space you’ll find my narratives, usually from my very own perspective, sometimes filled with analogy and metaphor, and almost always with two spaces after a period.  I don’t think its a habit I’ll ever break.

I’m a yoga instructor, photographer and writer living in Minnesota (and always dreaming of the ocean) with my husband, 20 month old son, and 7-10 unfinished projects- all of which stem from my ever evolving list of hobbies. Stories are my love language, and I love to tell them with words, cameras, and yoga poses. I hope you enjoy reading along.

In case you’re curious, are local and want to schedule a session, or just like to waste time on the internet, you can see my photography, sporadically updated, at corrinsainteyphotography.com, or more regularly, on my Facebook page.


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